Terra Salva - Import Lusitano

Terra Salva will support you in the acquisition of a Lusitano. We believe that a horse should be well-matched with its rider, therefore, we will continue searching until we have found the perfect horse for you. We import our horses from a renowned stud farm in Portugal, affiliated with the Portuguese breeding society A.P.S.L. (Associação Portuguesa Cavalo Puro-Sangue Lusitano).

We guarantee our horses 100% and our support does not end with your purchase; we are happy to help you afterwards, for instance with training. We transport our horses safely, responsibly and with the utmost care for the horse's wellbeing.

André Mos

André Mos is the founder of Terra Salva (Blessed Earth). André is a certified ORUN instructor and has been teaching different levels over the past 15 years. He has the knowledge and experience to break in or train your horse, irrespective. of its breed.